Paper published online

My paper on mode coupling has been published in Journal of Optics. It is available from the editor website or direct download.

Abstract: We develop a model for the coupling of quasi-normal modes in open photonic systems consisting of two resonators. By expressing the modes of the coupled system as a linear combination of the modes of the individual particles, we obtain a generalized eigenvalue problem involving small size dense matrices. We apply this technique to dielectric rod dimmer of rectangular cross section for transverse electric polarization in a two-dimensional setup. The results of our model show excellent agreement with full wave finite element simulations. We provide a convergence analysis, and a simplified model with a few modes to study the influence of the relative position of the two resonators. This model provides interesting physical insights on the coupling scheme at stake in such systems and pave the way for systematic and efficient design and optimization of resonances in more complicated systems, for applications including sensing, antennae and spectral filtering.