A class of invisible inhomogeneous media and the control of electromagnetic waves

The paper is finally online! We studied scattering free media where one can control at will the intensity and/ or phase of the propagating electromagnetic field. We have been working on this for a little while with colleagues at the University of Exeter.

Here is the link to the publisher website, and the arXiv e-print.


Abstract: We propose a general method to arbitrarily manipulate an electromagnetic wave propagating in a two-dimensional medium, without introducing any scattering. This leads to a whole class of isotropic spatially varying permittivity and permeability profiles that are invisible while shaping the field magnitude and/or phase. In addition, we propose a metamaterial structure working in the infrared that demonstrates deep sub-wavelength control of the electric field amplitude and strong reduction of the scattering. This work offers an alternative strategy to achieve invisibility with isotropic materials and paves the way for tailoring the propagation of light at the nanoscale